Sunday, November 30, 2008

In order to be successful in the class, I would recommend attending regularly. Keeping on track with the weekly assignments will guarantee you a good in-class grade. With the client project, it's best to work with a group that is very open to changes and suggestions, cooperates well together, and is willing to meet frequently. It is good for the group to be motivated in order to take care of what is needed to do, because there is a lot of work required. Mrs. Rogers is very helpful and provides a lot of tools to use for the project and most of written assignments due for the class. Utilize these as well as outside sources, such as the internet. To get the most out of the class, do all the assignments and projects as if they were for an actual job. Everything required is very useful for practice and practical on terms of what what may be expected in the workforce.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Group Project Reflection

Working on this project has been a great learning experience. I have had the opportunity to work with great girls who are very motivated and have put forth a great deal of effort towards building this project for Helping Hands. I think the best part about the project has been able to just take it and run with it. Any idea we had to help out the organization was an option, and we had a clean slate to work with. Without many guidelines, we were able to build an idea that we felt would be very beneficial for Helping Hands. In choosing to build a Web site, our biggest challenge was the actual creation and editing of the site. We had to choose a system format to follow, which we felt would be easiest to create for ourselves, as well as would be easy to pass on to the administration of Helping Hands There were definitely problems that we were facing in trying to get the site to be brought up in Google search, and we are still having difficulties in setting up a PayPal account with the ladies we have worked with. I think that overall this project has been amazingly positive and I have seen what a group of people can do in an effort to help someone, and it is possible to do just as great a job in any other project in the future.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mock Interview Reflection

I really liked my interview experience. Although, not real, it still made me a little nervous and showed me how I would probably react under the pressure of a real interview. Honestly, the only thing that calmed me down was reminding myself that it wasn't for a job, haha. If it were a real interview I'm sure I would have to keep telling myself that it wasn't the only one out there and try to focus on the job itself, rather than the nerve-wracking interrogation process.I was definitely thrown when I was asked what I felt my biggest accomplishment was at this point in my life. I haven't really given it much thought, and honestly, couldn't come up with anything on the fly because I don't have too many great accomplishments. I'm working on new teams and am involved in more organizations now than prior to the interview, so hopefully by the time I graduate and look for a real job, I will have something to brag about.

If I could redo the interview, I would come up with some better questions to ask at the end. I wasn't really prepared to ask questions about the 'company' that was being represented in the interview.

I learned a lot about how I respond and how I function under pressure. I learned that I need to prepare/study a lot more for a real job because if I had a little difficulty in a mock interview, then a real one would probably not have gone over too great.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I really enjoyed everyone's presentations this week! I love hearing about different individual's interests.

Of course, my favorite was the "How to Efficiently Facebook Stalk" presentation. It is a frequent past time of mine, and hearing confirmation that my techniques are valid is encouraging to either continue on or... get a life, haha. I appreciated the 'pocket guide' and the humor behind the presentation.

I also enjoyed hearing the benefits of dark chocolate. As a chocoholic, it's good to know that there's at least SOME benefit to my inhalation of dark chocolate when it's in front of me. I thought that the information was presented in a way that gave facts, but in an understandable way, so it was entertaining.

Finally, I thought the "Attentional Blink" presentation was very interesting. Although I haven't taken many psychology classes, what I have studied really intrigues me. It was really cool to hear about some of the natural rhythms of our brains.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cover Letter

My impression of what is supposed to go in a cover letter wasn't quite as accurate as I thought. I was not aware that cover letters should not be about the writer, but rather the company. However, this makes since because the writer wants the person reading the letter to believe that he or she has researched and is aware of what the company does, and obviously believes he or she would make a good addition to the organization.

Another point to remember is that the cover letter will not be read first. The interviewer will only read the cover letter if the resume makes a good enough impression and he or she is interested enough to find out why the writer is particularly interested in the company.

Key points that I thought were important to remember included: being specific and personal, selling yourself as the applicant by making the reader see why you would be a great addition, and giving testimonials. I found giving testimonials to be a very good tip because it helps build credibility and ethos.

Most importantly to remember, FOLLOW UP! Give the impression that you care about being a part of the organization.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What to Ask an Interviewer

I thought the article, "What to Ask an Interviewer" was very helpful. It's definitely hard to keep in mind that I, the person being interviewed, also need to ask questions regarding the position that I am applying for. The article had some very good points; some I was aware of, but sometimes forget, and others that I never thought about.

The article reminded me that it makes me look intelligent and interested when I ask questions. It means that I have potentially researched the company and am seeking more knowledge so that it may become a more mutual selection process, rather than the interviewer bombarding me with questions and drilling me about my experience and what I may be looking for. While the company probably knows better whether or not I would fit in with the other co-workers, it is also important that I feel welcome within their organization. Bringing up the work environment and company policies and goals would be a good discussion so that I, as well as the interviewer, can begin to see if my personality and worth ethic fits there.

Another point the article made was to remember the audience. I wouldn't want to ask someone on the executive board the same types of questions as I would be able to ask co-workers, managers, and/or recruiters. I must keep in mind what is appropriate and what is relevant to who is interviewing me.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

10 years from now

10 Years from now? I'm really not even sure what I plan on doing tomorrow or this weekend, much less in 10 years. There are so many opportunities and great paths I could take, but I honestly don't know which one is for me at this point. My faith has directed me thus far, and I can only hope that my reliance on God will push me toward where I am supposed to go.

After graduating I would really love to do mission work for a year or two. If after that time spent around the country and/or the world I feel led to continue in that field, then I think it would be amazing to do so.

As a management major I could pursue a great many positions. The options are plenty, and openings aren't scarce. Whether it be running a restaurant, a boutique, or a large corporate company, my education has been preparing and continues to prepare me for taking on those positions. I have worked in the restaurant business for the past five years and have really enjoyed it, so opening one of my own or simply accepting a job as general manager would be something fun and familiar for me.

However, I don't think it would be as challenging for me as I would like. I have always loved planning events, particularly the set up and interior design part, and think event planning would be an excellent position for me. I handle pressure very well, and can come up with quick solutions when something goes wrong. I hope to at least have an internship sometime very soon where planning is involved so that I can exercise these skills and see if that's really what I'm in fact interested in.

Another position that I have considered for several years now is that of a Youth Pastor. There have been several people in my life that have impacted me greatly and pushed me to pursue my faith and live a life pleasing to the Lord. I am forever grateful to them, and would love to be that go-to person for teenagers who are struggling with all the pressures that come with growing up. I love helping people talk and sort through their problems, which is why at one point thought I saw myself as a therapist or school counselor.

Clearly I have had many thoughts and considered many options for the future. But who says I couldn't experience all of them at some point? My mom always says she still doesn't know what she wants to do when she grows up... This gives me hope that I can always change my mind. The workforce is a competitive place, but it is also one of endless opportunity.

In ten years I hope that I can look back and say that I've had really great learning experiences and have met and interacted with wonderful people. I hope that I can look back on these days and say that I pursued what I believed was best and loved and learned from the people in my life the best I could.